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Sex toys are not a closed-door topic anymore, in most parts of the world, they are quite familiar. Similarly, in India, the use of sex toys is on the surge. Adult toys have changed the way relationships work, especially for singles toys are a blessing. Unlike before, there is a huge range of toys available today.

Earlier, the major focus of toys was on women and therefore a variety of vibrators and dildos were available. But in present times, a diverse collection of adult toys can be seen in many e-stores for men. Even couples have found a way in sex toys to ignite the romance in their relationship again. They are not just limited to the stated categories but are a source of pleasure for bisexuals too. Hence, sex toys have proven to be a satisfactory tool for every adult out there.

Buying sex dolls is also extremely easy in today’s times when one can buy them with a single press of a button by ordering online. Therefore, making them an easy to get pleasurable solution for intimate times.


The first question that pops up in many heads is why exactly do we need sex toys when we can naturally stimulate ourselves or our partners for that matter? The answer to this most asked question is that there are multiple reasons to buy sex toys for almost every adult who seeks fun and thrill in their intimate moments. Some reasons hold great importance than others, including:

  • Satisfying Urges: Sexual urge is a thing and a very prominent one too, for that matter. Not just men but women also feel highly erotic from time to time. This often leads to masturbation to achieve satisfaction. Manually performing the self-pleasing act can be tedious and quite tiring sometimes. Hence, the best option to opt for is sex toys.

    Pleasing oneself with toys can be very erogenous. Considering the intense operational functions of sex toys today like super strong vibrations, thrusting features, rotating and uncanny realistic features can set the mood for the night.

    Satisfying sexual urges using sex toys also have health impacts. A sexually frustrated person can fall sick due to continuous irritating mood, sadness, or anxiety. Thus, using sex toys to take upon intimate needs is a perfectly great idea.

  • Sexual health: As discussed earlier, sexual health is vital, and not taking proper steps for maintaining it often leads to many health-related issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. These furthermore impact relationships. The health of men & women is different and hence dull sexual life impacts them quite differently too.

    To keep oneself active with high libido, sex toys can be of great help. In women specifically, sexual health directly impacts their reproductive health. So, keeping those urges at bay is the best way to keep the body fit. Using sex toys often uplifts mood, makes a person feel more active, and keeps the intimate zones charged up which ultimately means sexual wellness.

  • Enhance Intimate Moments: Intimacy in a relationship is like icing on the cake, it is necessary to maintain the taste. But with time, intimacy is seen to fade away, spark leaves the relationship and normal sexual routine becomes dull.

    Couples often find themselves in the pool of thoughts on how to reignite the flames and bring back all the fun in bed. Introducing sex toys to couples is like giving candy to a kid. Once couples start using toys for additional fun, there is no turning back. There are many toys in e-stores that can help couples to redefine their sexual moments altogether, try new positions, indulge in BDSM, and give a try to roleplay. Spicing up relationship life is now easy with sex toys in hands.

  • Bring Newness: Sex toys also help in creating a whole new sensual environment and change the way a person sees their sexual needs. Using toys can bring new ideas and ways of inducing the intimate self. Each time toys can be used for a completely different use, from massaging to stimulating the sensitive zones, diversity in sex toys helps in using them in multi-fold options.


Using sex toys is an extremely easy job to do. Each toy is different and hence, according to their specific use they can be used. Majorly there are 2 categories of toys; Vibrating and Non-Vibrating.

  • To use any type of sex toy, it is advised to properly clean the toy using a sex toy cleaner or simply with a damp cloth/tissue.

  • To operate a vibrating sex toy, it is important to fully charge it if it is a USB chargeable toy, if the battery is operated then insert desired batteries in it.

  • In the case of a non-vibrating sex toy, it can be directly used since it does not need charging or batteries.

  • To use a toy, apply a suitable lubricant to it generously. Using a lube ensures that the use of the toy will be super smooth and effortless.

  • After every use, it is essential to clean the toys. Hence, using water on waterproof toys to clean them thoroughly is suggested. Whereas, for battery-operated toys, use a damp cloth/tissue or else a sex toy cleaner after use.


As much sex toys bring forth thrill & excitement in their use, it is as important to keep them clean and hygienic. The thought of sex toys brings delight to the face but their aftercare can sometimes be a daunting task.

There are many varieties of toys with different materials used in making them. Common materials used include silicone, rubber, TPE, PVC, glass, etc. Each toy has a different procedure for cleaning. Here are some of the commonly used methods to keep the toys free of any bacteria:

  • Regular Wash: Silicone, glass, and metal toys are such that they can be cleaned using regular water and soap solution. Non-porous toys do not retain any bacteria on their surface and hence normal wash is sufficient to clean them thoroughly.

  • Boiling Method: Porous toys with materials like rubber, TPR, vinyl, etc., are home to unwanted and infectious bacteria which retains on such toys after their use in intimate areas. For such types, it is essential to use the process of cleaning them using boiling water. Dip the toys in boiling water for 10 minutes and voila, toys are ready for use again.

  • Surface cleaning: For one’s feeling super lazy to clean the toys, sex toy cleaner is a quick fix. A branded toy cleaner can be used directly on sex toys. Spray it on the surface of the toy and wipe it clean using a tissue.

  • Use Condom: If all these simple procedures for cleaning the toys are still a tiring process for you, then using a condom over sex toys while using them is the best and last resort. The use of condoms allows safe and non-messy use of toys while enjoying them thoroughly without worrying about cleaning them. Especially, if a single-sex toy is used for both vaginal and anal insertion, it becomes necessary to use a condom.

After cleaning, maintaining good care of toys is also necessary. Cleaning is the first step to ensuring that your toys are free from any harmful bacteria or infections. The second step is to keep them under hygienic conditions. Storing of toys can be done in the following ways:

  • Keep the used toys or unused ones in their original packing to make sure they do not come in contact with foreign substances.

  • Store the toys in a clean box or cloth to keep them well protected from dust.

  • Wrap the toys in a plastic casing or wrap them when not in use.


Sex toys are completely safe & sound to use. With growing awareness about them, various toys are available in the market suitable for different skin types. From use to their cleaning, everything is quite effortless. Yet, some risks are inevitable only if not taken care of, including:

  • Improper cleaning: Cleaning is of extreme importance while using toys regularly. Few porous toys are home to bacteria and sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia, Syphilis, HIV, Herpes, Gonorrhea, etc., which are capable of staying on absorbent substances for long and thus transmitting these diseases to others if the same toy is used.

    Even in the case of a single person using the toy, confined bacteria can be extremely harmful. Hence, proper cleaning after each use is of primary significance.

  • Choosing a Wrong Toy: Using the wrong toy also poses a threat for the user. For instance, for a beginner looking for a dildo, small and compact size is sufficient. While a wrong decision of choosing a bigger size dildo can lead to extreme discomfort for the user. Intimate areas are very sensitive, hence, using the right toy with suitable material and size is crucial.

  • Not Using Enough Lube: Lubricant is not just for fun and pleasure, but it is a vital part of using any toy made of any material. Not using enough lubricant can lead to aggressiveness and rough use while using the toy. This ultimately leads to ripping the sensitive vaginal or anal area which can be extremely painful. So, know well and use a suitable lube every time while using a sex toy.

  • Using the Same Toy for Multiple Insertion: It is quite common to see people invest in 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 toys for their manifold uses. It is acceptable until or unless that toy is used for insertion in a single spot. Using the same toy for anal as well as vaginal insertion can be very risky. It can lead to the transmission of harmful bacteria from one end to another. Therefore, using different toys for distinct holes is suggested.

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