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Sex toys for women have always been the talk of the town. The majority of toys in the adult stores are filled with a variety for women and their pleasure. The main reason behind it is the dissatisfaction women have to face on regular basis during their physical encounters with the opposite sex.

Although masturbation and pleasure among women are still less talked about topics, especially its importance among men is almost negligible. But, women have shown a tremendous amount of interest in different ways with which they can please themselves. Sex toys have changed the game of pleasure for ladies. They have brought in thrill & fun along with satisfaction which is everything a woman wants.

Now that there is a range of toys with different uses for women in e-stores, it has become inevitable to stay away from them, be it for singles or taken. Adult toys are a highlight when it comes to intimacy.


  1. To Satisfy Sexual Needs: The first and foremost reason for using a sex toy among women is to ease their sexual urges. Especially during intercourse, men tend to get satisfied easily and way earlier than women which leaves the ladies stranded. Also, as surprising as it may seem, it is often difficult to please women to the core.

    To get over the missing fun, women turn to sex toys as their last resort. With a wide range of toys available it is now easy for ladies to try out multiple toys and choose the one made for them. Sex toys do the job perfectly, from an intense massage to stimulating a woman deeply, they are good at it all.

  2. For Single Women: Masturbation among men is quite common but is it for women too? Why, yes. Women are no way behind when it comes to self-pleasing. They are discreet about it but masturbate as it pleases them. Especially for single women who are curious to learn the biology of their body and want to experience intimacy on their own, sex toys are a perfect partner.

    At Pleasure Wala, there are a lot of toys for single ladies who are mere beginners. Replacing manual masturbation with sex toys is a blessing for single women who want full exposure to how actual intercourse works.

  3. Great for Sexually Active Women: Multiple studies have proven that women are more sexually active than men. There are many reasons behind this, including hormone imbalance or dissatisfaction during sexual encounters. Hence, women usually feel more horny, per se, most of the time.

    To make sure all their physical and sexual frustration is overcome, sex toys play a key part. Using toys has proven to be physically healthy in dealing with erotic needs. Hence, they are ideal for all women who feel a lot sensual.

  4. Companion During Pregnancy: Being pregnant does not devoid women of sexual pleasure. They can still feel active down there, most pregnant ladies feel sensually aroused a lot while carrying the baby. Sex in such times can sometimes be risky for the mother and the baby. Therefore, it is recommended to not indulge in it. Rather, using sex toys for the purpose can do the job and is simultaneously a safer method too.

    Sex toys are made of extremely soft and skin-safe materials like silicone which on insertion in intimate areas is as soft as silky touch. Also, due to options available in length and size of toys, it becomes even easier to get your hands on the ones which are comfortable to use during pregnancy.

  5. Safe to Use During Periods: It is a common myth that during periods, any sexual activity is unsafe and messy. With sex toys, nothing of this sort is true. Toys are extremely safe & sound when it comes to their use during menstruation. Moreover, during menses women usually go through painful cramps which are sometimes unbearable. To overcome those and to relax the body, stimulation of intimate areas is most preferable.

    Massaging the sensitive zones with some good massager toys and stimulating the vaginal region using vibrators along with providing pleasure also helps in releasing endorphins in women during arousal. These hormones subsequently ease the pain in women during periods and overall manage the mood changes as well.

  6. Health Benefits: Apart from pleasure and fun, sex toys for women also come bearing health benefits. For women specifically, the use of toys to take all the sexual frustration out and to fulfill the unmet needs does bring out a lot of positive changes like a fit mind & body, a great mood, and a more active lifestyle than usual.

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