Cock Ring for Big Penis and Balls
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Cock Ring for Big Penis and Balls
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Vibrating Tongue Cock Ring
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Vibrating Tongue Cock Ring
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Remote Controlled Vibrating Cock Ring
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Remote Controlled Vibrating Cock Ring
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Banana Vibrating Penis Ring for Clit Stimulation
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Double Hold Vibrating Ring for Delay Ejaculation
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Double Hold Vibrating Ring for Delay Ejaculation
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Multispeed Vibrating Cock Ring With USB Charging
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Time Delay Penis Ring with Double Hole
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Time Delay Penis Ring with Double Hole
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Premium Cock Ring Set
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Premium Cock Ring Set
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Dual Bullet Double Hold Vibrating Cock Ring
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Badbat Vibrating Cock Ring
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Badbat Vibrating Cock Ring
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Ejaculating way early during sexual intercourse or any intimate encounter is quite an embarrassing moment for any guy. Also, keeping the penis hard for a long time is another major problem that men face. This is where cock rings come to action where they make sure that while acting as a sex toy they also help men in coming out of these ‘bedroom’ problems.

Cock rings are simple and very effective sex toys for men. By the title given to them, it is clear that these are ring-shaped, that is, round in shape to fit the base of the penis comfortably. These are also known as Penis Rings. These rings are usually made of silicone or metal and are compact to fit the penis correctly. Also, due to their stretchable and flexible material, they are capable of fitting to any penis size conveniently.

Penis rings are the most easy-to-use toy for men and are extensively used among couples too. Along with being an aid for multiple penis issues, it is an amazing pleasure toy as well.


  • Delayed Ejaculation: The best thing about cock rings is that they help in delaying the pre-ejaculation which usually happens a lot among men, especially during super intimate moments. Not only is this a big turn-off for women but is also an extreme disappointment for men who want to have an extended sensual time with their partner. 

    Cock ring is worn at the base of an erect penis to enhance the climax. It works by blocking the blood supply to the nerves of the penis and thus reducing the sensations, eventually delaying ejaculation.

  • Long-Lasting Erections: Maintaining an erect penis for a long can be a task for men. During intimacy, an erection occurs on its own and lasts for quite a time but to keep it the same throughout the night can be challenging to overcome the same, cock rings are ideal. 

    Cock rings are known for their super comfortable fit on penises of different sizes. At the base of the penis, they hold the blood from circulating and thus keep the penis erect for a long time.

  • Clitoral Stimulation: Cock rings are inevitably great support for the penis but along with that they also play a major part in stimulation. With a variety of rings available, cock rings with stimulating characters are perfect for a great intimate couple time. 

    These vibrating cock rings are extremely good at arousing a lady. Also, they do the job of two. While being comfortably worn on the penis, they also help in exciting the other partner by providing a great clitoral massage.

  • Great for Couples: As discussed earlier, couples benefit a lot from cock rings. Penis rings are a perfect sex toy for them. Where on one side they keep the man locked up with a hard erection and delayed ejaculation, on the other side, these keep the women busy with intense massage and stimulation.


  • Silicone Rings: Silicone cock rings are the most used and without a doubt, comfortable rings for men. As is clear from their name, silicone rings are super stretchable and blend perfectly with penises of various sizes, whether small or big. These are known for their gliding smooth surface which is compatible with the sensitive penis area. Hence, a perfect ring for beginners to start with.

  • Metal Rings: Metal rings are usually made of stainless steel which is a firm material to be used in cock rings. The metal penis ring is worn on the penis when it is fully erect. These are again, extremely soft and gentle on the penis area. Metal rings are adjustable and can be bent according to the penis size and comfort of the user.

  • Vibrating Cock Rings: Cock rings are vibrating as well. The addition of vibration features on the cock rings adds up to the pleasure and excitement during their use. Intense vibrations ensure deep stimulation of the intimate areas for both men and women, simultaneously. Also, the wireless use of vibrating features on the cock rings gives another reason to owe them.

  • Double Hold Rings: When it comes to cock rings, it is important to ensure complete support to the scrotum as well. For that purpose, double-hold rings are perfect. While one of the holds keeps the penis erect throughout, the other hold supports the scrotum area very well. The comfort that these double-hold rings provide is unmatchable and very rare.

  • Cock Rings with Rabbit Ears: While every cock ring is made to provide comfort and support to the penis, additional features like rabbit ears make them more than a men’s toy. Penis rings with rabbit ears are made especially considering women’s needs too.

    They are exceptional in stimulating women by giving them intense clitoral massage down there while they are worn by men on their penis. Hence, a full of pleasure time for both partners with this multi-use sex toy.


As much as it is ecstatic to feel the pleasure while wearing penis rings, it is also as important to make sure that they are being used & worn right. Following are some of the precautions that need to be taken while using cock rings regularly:

  • Always use a suitable lubricant before wearing the ring on the penis.
  • Wear the ring while the penis is fully erect.
  • Make sure to wear the cock ring for not more than 30 minutes.
  • Stop the use of cock rings in case of prolonged numbing in the penis region.
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