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Sex toys for men have been the talk of the town lately. The reason behind this is their popular use and exclusive variety for women. Toys for women have been a very common and usual topic. The popularity of toys among women has been due to the obvious reason, which is orgasms. Women feel more empowered and in control of their arousal with sex toys. But, what about men?

Men have been neglected for a very long time when it comes to adult toys. But now that the toy realm has seen growth, new & unique toys have been introduced in the adult toy market considering the needs of men.

As much as it is believed that men don’t encounter any sexual issues or get multiple orgasms just by seeing porn or touching themselves, the notion is inaccurate. Men often face intimate problems regarding ejaculation, erection, and the size of their genitals. Hence, for a quick fix to all these problems, sex toys pose a perfect solution.


  1. To Delay Ejaculation: Men can often find themselves in a very complicated situation when they have ejaculated before their partner could have an orgasm. It is quite common and can happen to any couple while having an intimate moment.

    This pre-ejaculation can ruin the whole mood of both partners. Even during foreplay, some men ejaculate very early, which often results in awkward and non-romantic time. Hence, to overcome this issue, many toys are available on Pleasure Wala, making it an easy task for all the guys to enjoy their intimate time while being carefree of the climax.

  2. To Maintain Erection: As much as it is common to see men erected almost during every intimate moment, it is also a difficult task to maintain it during sexual intercourse for long. Women don’t orgasm in an instant, they need time to reach that spot where they experience the climax fully. By the time they reach there, men can no longer hold their erection, thus, complete dismay.

    To its solution, exclusively for men, a variety of toys are available which makes sure that they don’t find it a task to keep themselves erected throughout their sexual adventure.

  3. To Enhance Time On Bed: Sex can last for 5 minutes to hours, it's all on the doers on how much they are into their intimacy. Thrill and fun while diving into sex can enhance time and what better way to bring thrill into sensual moments than sex toys?

    Especially for men, it becomes quite a task to keep their women satisfied in bed. They often fail at it by wrapping it up early. With sex toys, if they follow the steps, first starting with a little foreplay, then set the base with some sensual vibrators or massagers, and then diving into sex, it can bring a huge change in their sexual life.

  4. For Loners: Enough about couples, now it's time to focus on singles as well because sex toys play an important part for them too. Single men are often very interested and keen to know how intimacy works, thus, an intriguing fascination with porn can be seen.

    It is of great prominence to have thorough knowledge about sex and how it is done before actually doing it with a person. And for the same, sex toys are perfect. Toys for beginners are an ideal start to enlighten a man about everything sexual. Also, loneliness can make a person quite horny, and taking out all the sexual frustration via sex toys is a perfect way to have a sex life while being single.

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